For the Waves Brah

(Wilmington, NC)

This thing is really coming together. Everyday we’re another step closer to setting sail. Today the watermaker was installed. Greg’s installation is really slick. The clark pump is tucked back on the bottom shelf to protect it, and the instrument panel is perfectly mounted on the top corner to have it out-of-the-way and facilitate easy reading.

As vital as clean drinking water is, I’d say the other projects on the boat today are just as essential to life aboard Oceanna. Boards. I finished the board socks today and Greg got them all mounted up under the bimini. Four surfboards and two kiteboards fit like a dream. It’s like the bimini was made for them.

On the mail truck today was Greg’s new skimboard. Greg has been skimming since he was a wee tot, and this is the first skim he’s ever bought. He usually makes his own wood skimmas, but this one is fiberglass with a high density foam core and is required “for the waves brah!”

And finally today we said goodbye to a hard working part of this team, the fish rug. The fish rug has been crucial in many projects, providing a guilt-free working surface for everything from epoxy to dye. Swim on fishes.










  1. Awwww, that is soo sad..I liked the fish rug..

    1. Of course you did Mom. Ha.

  2. please tell me that you just put the fish rug in the closet for future use…. lol

    1. How about I mail it to you Amanda and you can proudly display it in your front room? Hahaha.

  3. ha i think Harvey would like that!

  4. Uncle wayne · · Reply

    nothing short of im-fricken-pressive you two!
    well done on all the new skills. Should serve you well, as you launch off into ‘waterworld’… it’s just growing those gills…

    uncle wayne

    1. Thanks Uncle Wayne! Greg thinks you should learn up on your wooden speargun building skills by tomorrow and we’ll hit the shop when we roll through!?!?

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