Another Day, Another Milk Crate

(Wilmington, NC)

As we gear up (or down?) to make a run back to Canada, boat tasks have moved toward cleaning and organizing. Up until now the boat has been a construction site. There’s no point to put anything away if it’s just going to have to come back out tomorrow. With the floorboards, wallboards, cupboards, and every other possible surface running the risk of moving for the next project we haven’t brought a lot of things onboard, and we’ve put even less things “away”. Our beloved Boler has been the best walk-in closet and we are grateful to Mick and the marina for allowing us to store a mass of things in their fenced storage area (mostly surfboards, ha).

With the new watermaker arriving any day,  the starboard front locker where it’s housed got an overhaul. A fresh coat of paint and its very own grrrevans signature milk crate outfitting. The watermaker will go on the bottom shelf and the crates are an attempt to organize the endless cleaners, tools, parts, and pieces required for boat upkeep.






  1. Pretty clever–love the way the half ones fit!!! Looking Good!!!

  2. Everything looks great! Your blog is my weekly check up on you! lol……

    1. Perfect! That’s exactly what it’s for Amanda. Keep in touch.

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