The Quiver

(Wilmington, NC)

Greg has called the boat The Boarding and Spearing Mothership, and the stars continue to align to ensure we’ll be well equipped with boards to back the name. After days of searching for a gun surfboard (a longer, sleeker board for big waves), Greg had basically given up. There aren’t many around this area because there isn’t the big swell that requires that type of board. One chance stop in at a local surf shop and you’ll never guess what they had in their consignment inventory. The perfect Al Merrick gun, and at 50% off since they’ve had it in stock for so long, because, you guessed it, no one around here rides that style. Score. Chalk that up to a win.

Greg has been working on building back up his board quiver since the Ohio Corn Deer  and subsequent roll claimed the two we were bringing down. With the Al Merrick gun today, the surfboard count is up to four, and every one of those boards was purchased at a steal.

Photos to come, but for now imagine Version 2.0 of Greg three years ago in Australia.



  1. Always a deal—that’s my boy!!!! Good for you!!!

    1. You’d be hard pressed to find anything purchased at cost on this boat Delma. There’s always a deal to be found!

  2. Tommy Harrison · · Reply

    Awww what ever happened to that gun in the photo on the far right? I used to own that one!!

    1. Greg here Tommy BoY! The old red gun got sold to some muppet in Byron Bay sorry mate couldn’t bring her along with me. Glad I didn’t she would have been snapped in half with my other boards when we did a bs rodeo with truck on the way down here!

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