Trimming the Sails

(Wilmington, NC)

In preparation for our new sails arriving at the end of next week, we thought it about time to deal with our old sails. We had researched our options on how best to get rid of them. They’re old and worn so one doesn’t have a lot of choices, and throwing them directly in the trash seemed such a waste. I found a company online that accepts old sail donations to turn into bags and other trendy items. If we sent them our sails, we’d get one bag made by them in return.

This seemed like a good idea until we got our own sewing machine and I embraced my inner Grandma Myrtle. Why don’t we make our own sail cloth projects?! Seemed like a no brainer.

So today we mapped out swatches to make board socks for the collection. Two kite boards, three surfboards, and one more surfboard Greg is on the hunt for and insists is complete necessary. We also kept a section of good sail for future repairs, hoping never to have to use it…










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