Fabric Dyeing 101

(Wilmington, NC)

Since the day we bought the boat we vowed to purge her of 90’s favourite colour – teal. Teal was everywhere. The quilted fish teal throw pillows were the first thing to go when we stepped foot on the boat. Followed by the bottom paint and boot stripe. Greg is sure that the infusion of the tacky design colour between green and blue goes as far as the tint in the fridge glass shelves and shower glass door. I try to reason with him that he’s now negatively obsessed with the colour and is seeing things, but the more you look, the more colour creeps into your mind.

One glaringly obvious use of the hue left is the settee cushions and bridge deck curtains. To be honest, the settee has really grown on me and I have been campaigning to keep it. Greg, on the other hand, has coupled his hatred for the colour and his desire to dye something into an unstoppable idea. So we came to a compromise and decided to give dyeing the curtains a go.

Now of course when we do things there’s no half-assing it, so we got the industrial-like dye with salt, oil, and soda ash additives. 15 steps, 2 hours, and countless stirs later we had perfectly dyed the white cotton backing of the curtains to a beautiful blue. Unfortunately, the teal of an unknown fabric stood its ground and upon the first rinse looked not a tinge different.

Dyeing Fail. I guess we just won’t have curtains.







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