Thousands to Drink and Never Touch

(Wilmington, NC)

Boat. Bring OAnother Thousand.

A daily joke, and haunt, that rings true to the core.

We had been avoiding our starboard front locker like the plague because it contains our watermaker. A system that, to be frank, was a little over our heads. But as we get nearer to the end of the to-do list it becomes inevitable that we’ll have to figure it out.

Greg cleaned this locker weeks ago and gave the system a general overview. We had searched for a manual online based on names and numbers on various parts and had trouble finding one that matched what we appeared to have – this should have been our first clue.

This morning Greg called the local Spectra watermaker dealer. (Spectra, being the brand we thought we had.) We were told that the bossman was in and that if we could come down he’d be the one to help us out. With a pail of parts in hand and a slew of pictures taken to share, we headed right over. It took Danny about a minute and a half to tell us in his most politically correct southern slang, “we had one hell of an afro-rigged system”. Turns out the reason we couldn’t identify which Spectra system we had, was because we didn’t actually have one particular Spectra system.


(a diagram of a watermaker for my brother Shea who tells me I can be confusing, but mostly a diagram for me as I’m confusing because I’m confused!)

We had a Spectra computer and clark pump (the black box), but we had some other manufacturer’s membrane. And our feed water pump set-up was definitely an after-market attempt. After much discussion and technical teaching – my favourite of which was “pink propylene glycol is the best thing since cold beer and sex” – Danny had talked us into purchasing a new watermaker. Not only would fixing our current system cost us near 80% of the cost of a new watermaker, we’d have no warranty on said system if we got it going. Plus, Danny was willing to give us a pretty sweet deal and he’d be commissioning the system to ensure it was operational.

We left with lighter pockets, but an overall feeling that we’d made the right decision. When we bought Oceanna, a watermaker wasn’t even listed in her specs, the idea that it may have worked was just a fingers-crossed fantasy. Besides, once we’re down south and making our own fresh water free of charge, we will make back our investment by the glass full.

The next big-ticket item we dealt with today was our Viking 6 man offshore life raft. A perfectly packaged life saving device we hope never to use. We ordered it what seems like months ago and received it sometime last week, and today we secured it on its platform on the back of the boat.

In anticipation of receiving our new engine mounts later this week, Greg got to fabricating the mounts for the mounts. Yup, you read that right. Our new mounts are slightly shorter than the existing ones so Greg is doing some serious shimming.

2014-02-03 08.48.25

2014-02-03 08.48.32





2014-02-03 17.48.01


  1. I like your attitudes!!

  2. I love your diagram! Does your new watermaker operate basically the same way, or what does it look like?
    And yes, Delma, I agree with you. Those positive attitudes go a long way!

  3. Love the diagram makes so much more sense than ur new southern slang and new boat language

    1. Just for you Shea!

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