With Love from Home

(Wilmington, NC)

As our friends and family endure -40C temperatures at home and I grumble about a +1C morning here, I feel like what happened here last night may be a serving of “shut your whining pie-hole” from home – best served chilled.

It started innocently enough yesterday. As we were making our daily rounds of hardware stores it was all anyone could talk about. “Do you guys know about the snow coming?” “How am I going to get to work!” “Are you going to be warm enough in the boat?” Our friends at the hardware store said they’d been selling propane and heaters all day. The end was near.

It started raining in the afternoon, and as the sun set it turned to snow. Well more like sleet. We woke up to a winter wonderland. I’ve dreamed of a lot of wonderous sights on the boat, but none of them have included icicles. We were completely enclosed in ice. An ice shell that, according to the weather man, we were going to have to get used to for the next couple days.

We were confined to inside work and the starboard bathroom cupboard took the brunt of our cabin fever. The cupboard, according to Greg, “had to have been designed by someone with sh*t-for-brains.” It had doors to access the top half of the cupboard, leaving the bottom a deep, poorly accessible pit. A problem that is now resolved.





One comment

  1. You guys have truly experienced it ALL!!!! Keep us the smiles and the spirit!!!

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