(Wilmington, NC)

Back in the water where she belongs. And the good news is – she floats!

Thank you to Bearing Marine, and its great employees, for making our days on the hard super cruisy and for their professional handling of Oceanna.

This morning she was strapped into the lift. After some finishing paint touches and a quick weld job by Pete (Thanks Pete!) we were in the water at high tide by 1pm.

At this point we thought the hardest part of the day was over, but when we went to fire up the engines we were proven wrong. The 1999 special on starboard side fired up no problem, but the port side was another story.

After its initial attempt to turn over, it wouldn’t so much as fire the starter. After some googling and tinkering, Greg found that the starter solenoid power was disconnected. This was probably a combines result of him and John working in that area on the sail drives and the fact that it is a simple push connection.

So with power all connected the Yanmar fires up, but NOW there’s no water coming out of the exhaust. (Thanks a bucket load to Mic, the dock master, who pointed this out and stayed to help trouble shoot till we were back in the green.) Some searching found that we had left the cap off the raw water strainer so the cooling system was just sucking air.

Found the cap, put it on, but NOW we had fried the impeller running the engine with no raw water. Never fear, we happened to have replacement impellers on hand. Old impeller out, new impeller in, and now we had a working engine!

Yes these were all foreseeable mistakes we should have caught, and Greg would like anyone reading to know he blames me, but we take the positive on these situations and chalk them up to lessons learned. Now we know how to change an impeller right?











  1. Looks amazing KC, its great to see its back in the water!

    1. You’re telling me! Now that we’re back in the slip it’s really sunk in how much different she looks. Every time I walk up to her I do a double take.

  2. It really does look amazing–great job you two!!!The blog is very entertaining with good results in the end–you left us hanging sometimes!!!! You two should be really proud of yourselves–not everyone could accomplish what you did!! Love you!!xxoo ps love your new sailing outfit,Kaycee!!

  3. Amanda Munshaw · · Reply

    Thanks for the blog Kaycee! I enjoyed reading your adventures, especially on a day like today: -25 out, and I’m couped up inside with baby. You brightened my day. 🙂

    1. Amanda, great to hear from you! I had no idea you had a baby. Congratulations. I’m glad you enjoy the blog.

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