Pimp My Deck Lockers

(Wilmington, NC)

Today was our last full day on the hard, and things got done.

Greg is quite stoked that we essentially have an onboard crane. To install the dampers under the generator we used the spinnaker halyard to lift it up. You can see in the picture that we crossed the line over the mast as the port side winch is currently disassembled. Not ideal, but it did the trick. Note, my winch cranking muscles are nowhere near developed, but after some strained up and a little strategic down the generator is happily sitting on the new dampers. You should see that baby wobble!

The generator box, and some extra insulation, were also installed and that locker is looking good.

Next a call from Jim at West Marine notified us that our new anchor was in so off we went to pick it, and the new chain, up.

Back at the boat Greg set to work developing yet another creation for his upcoming book, 101 Things to Build with Milk Crates. Today’s installation is a custom fit quad-chain-crate. He’s quite happy with the result. And I must admit, it fits its purpose perfectly.

Upgrades to the anchor locker include the new anchor, chain, and quad-chain-crate, as mentioned – but also a new coat of paint, and a new supporting plate for the windlass. The windlass was previously a little unstable. Greg cut out the rotting wood and made a new mounting plate out of the 3/4″ marine plywood further reinforced with epoxy. He now proudly says, “Check out the windlass. Go ahead, stand on it. No really, stand on it. Just stand on it!”















  1. Thanks for all your sharing and keeping it real…It’s still a challenge on this end in trying to figure out all the boat terminology…
    What is the last picture shown above?
    By now you must be back on the water….
    An interesting quote from Devona who is in India right now on a teaching exchange program:
    The pessimist complains about the wind.
    The optimist expects it to change.
    The realist adjusts the sails.

    1. Let me know what terminology you’re missing and I’ll do my best to explain better Mom.
      The last picture is of the new anchor!

  2. Kyle greer · · Reply

    Nice work Fresh, she’s coming along nice man, the boat looks ok too! Don’t roll that whore as soon as you set sail eh!!

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