A Box

(Wilmington, NC)

Today Greg built a box.






Oh how I wanted to just leave it at that, but it certainly deserves more words.

The box is to go around the generator to tidy up the locker, but more importantly for sound proofing. The generator is housed in one of the forward deck lockers, which actually puts it directly behind the settee (couch, I’m still uncomfortable using the word settee). So when the time comes that we’re using the generator to charge the batteries it would be nice if there’s not what seems like a 747 vibrating throughout the entire boat.

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t just your regular run of the mill box. It’s custom designed for tight installation and easy access to its contents. Equipped with hinges, latches, and built out of Home Depot’s most expensive plywood – marine plywood.

We’re also mounting the generator on new dampers which will help with the vibration.







  1. Who engineered that fine looking box? A resident engineer?
    And what makes marine plywood so expensive?

    1. That engineer is retired. All design work is by the mastermind Greg.
      Marine plywood is made with waterproof glue.

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