Decals and Circus Tricks

(Wilmington, NC)

Oceanna’s face lift continues today with buffing, waxing, and new decals. (Did you know down here they pronounce decals “dee-cals”. Crazy sepos.)

Greg worked on bringing the gel coat back to life. He has washed with questionable concoctions of chemicals, scrubbed endlessly, buffed with rubbing compound, and today waxed her up to a beautiful shine! He mentioned today that he might be getting tired of circling around Oceanna soon, I figure this has something to do with why he had to drill another hole in his belt this morning. Sheesh.

Of course something as straight forward as waxing the boat can always be taken to the next level with Gregory Evans. Our multiple ladders and rolling scaffold weren’t quite cutting it for him so he decided he would make stilts out of milk crates. Second step in and you can see the results below…. The ladder eventually made its way back to the obvious choice.

Other, less hilarious, things that happened today were the upper pin stripe and new Lagoon decals went on, coating the props and sail drives in red anti-fouling paint continued, and our favourite visitor Rusty stopped by.

(Yesterday I started restoring the windows on the bridge deck. They are a little crazed, but a headlight restoration kit is clearing them right up.)










photo 1


photo 2



  1. Amazing work you two!!!! Thank you so much for doing the daily blog—I am loving it!!! Feels like I am right there with you—wish I could be –maybe I could help a little but looks like you guys have it under control—some pretty creative ways too!! Take care,keep having fun and good luck with all the projects–as I said before looks totally awesome!!!(maybe a new career for the both of you!!!!!)

  2. Hi Greg and Casey – The boat looks great. I was on the chair at Big White yesterday and talked to couple about sailing. Their dad has been sailing in the Caribbean for 5 years now. He bought a 50 something foot Lagoon. They said that he has often said that he should have bought something smaller and he said the 410 was the bought he should have bought. I told them you had a 410 and they said it was a terrific boat. Yours looks brand new. Keep up the good work. Greg, you had better eat more ! Steak and eggs for breakfast. Love Dad

    1. Doug I promise I feed him! Ha. He says it all just goes to growing his hair though.

  3. What are you feeding that Greg-Man? I think, Kaycee you need to make some time to bake more of your yummy cookies and feed him some snacks! And WOW – that boat is taking on a beautiful shine, what a nice job? I’ll bet you have boat owners stopping by with requests and job offers to do their boats!
    I wonder why they say “dee-cals”…maybe they think it is like decrease (like Greg’s waistline) or decide (like Greg decided to make stilts – “Ouch, those do NOT look comfy, or safe!”)
    Not to ‘debate’ or ‘debunk’, only ‘declare’ that it is decal (di-kal) – short for decalcomania, the transfer of decorative designs or pictures from specially prepared paper to glass, wood, metal, or china. Then again, maybe it’s just sailor talk!

    1. Mom, your are ridiculous!! Ha.

  4. Knowing what the boat DID look like….you guys are doing a super job….EH

  5. Jeff Cooper · · Reply

    de·cal noun \ˈdē-ˌkal, di-ˈkal

    I always had a chuckle in Alberta when I heard someone pronounce it “deck L”. I thought they were looking for a lower deck on a cruise ship. It really threw me off when Canadians used it as a verb as in “I’m going to deck L that new truck.” It sounds like they are getting ready to commit an act of violence.

    Kaycee, thanks for keeping this blog. I did the same thing several years ago when I took a year off and travelled across the US, Mexico and Canada. Reading yours, I now know why everyone got so much enjoyment living vicariously through my travels. You will find that the community of travelers out there is very generous and full of great stories. Have fun and stay safe.

    FYI – it’s ten degrees colder in George West today than it is in Grande Prairie and we have a layer of ice on everyhting.

    1. Thanks for checking into the blog Jeff! I’m sticking with deck-L sans violence. I promise. Ha.

      I can not imagine George West as anything other than sweltering hot. Has the whole town shut down? Kids sent home from school? Vehicles parked? It must be quite a shock!

  6. Hey guys! I’m a new follower. We recently got the crazy idea to buy a sailboat and do the exact thing you’re doing :). We’re also looking at the Lagoon 410 or the Lapiri 41. Tough choices! I’ve been reading your blog all day (yesterday, too!)… plan to read start to finish. Hope that’s not too awfully creepy, ha! Love the adventure you’re on! Hope to meet you someday on the high seas!

    1. Hey Rebecca! Great to hear from you and great to hear your taking the plunge into the sailing/cruising community. We, obviously, highly recommend it! Be sure to let me know how your adventure goes, and we’ll see you out on the big blue.

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