To The Beach!

(Wilmington, NC)

First things first, the painting process on the sail drives and props started. I mixed up the three-part primer, while Greg gave the aluminum a quick sand. Four coats of the InterProtect and they will be ready for anti-fouling paint.

Today we also saw the second coat of the bottom paint go on. All dressed in black Oceanna was looking like a beautiful beast.

And then we did something crazy. We went to the beach. We’ve been in North Carolina since the beginning of November and today was the very first day we put our toes in the sand.

The surf wasn’t that big and the boards were really small. I got rocked a couple of times and Greg caught a couple of waves. All was good in the world.









  1. Uncle Tim · · Reply

    just awesome you guys…ill be following daily from Maui!!

    1. Thanks Uncle Tim. Glad you found the blog. Have an awesome time in Maui, I’ll do my best to get some updates up. Finished the boot stripe today, she looks sooo good!

  2. delma evans · · Reply

    Glad you got to the beach–Greg looks a little cold!!! You are doing an amazing job with the blog,Kaycee–keep it up!! The sky is sure blue there–looks like the rains have stopped!!

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