She Be Blue!

(Wilmington, NC)

Big changes on Oceanna today have us spinning our tires. To date she has been a complete DIY project. Being in the yard we have been fortunate enough to be able to do all our own work, but the line is drawn at painting. When it comes to the painting we have to let the yard do it.

Today is paint day. Today is see-ya-never-again green day. Today Oceanna is BLUE!!

First a coat of grey barrier paint to cover up the exposed gel coat. (That’s anywhere that’s showing white through the green bottom paint.) The previous owner had extended the bottom paint line up, so that’s why you see grey all along the top.

Second step, blue! That wonderful dark blue is our first of three anti-fouling bottom paint coats. Anti-fouling paint is formulated to slow the growth of organisms, like barnacles and algae, that attach themselves to the bottom of the hull. It is also designed to wear off with time. For that reason our three coats are going to alternate colours, blue-black-blue. That way we can see where we are for wear over time.

(God help us if we ever see green again!)








2014-01-10 16.42.49


  1. delma evans · · Reply

    Looks like a new boat–amazing job you guys!!!! Love you with the hair dryer Kaycee!!! Glad to see you guys moving along!!! I love teal but that looks amazing–love the colour choice!!! Keep up the great job!!

  2. Hi Kaycee! Love your blog and seeing the progress you guys are making. Very excited for you guys, the boat is looking fantastic!,

    1. Thanks Roxanne! We are pretty stoked on the recent progress. Can you do me a favour and share the site with your Mom and maybe even Auntie Sheila and Auntie Mavis if you see them. I’d really appreciate it.

      1. Will do Kaycee

  3. Super job! Lots of great pictures (even some that Greg must have taken)!

  4. Looks amazing guys! You did it, great work you’re putting in out there!

  5. OMG love the new color, way better then old fashion teal. when do you hit open water?

    1. Thanks Amanda, and just wait, she’s only getting better! More stripes went on today. Should be back in the water Monday.

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