Soapy Water Saves Relationships

(Wilmington, NC)

The day started with Greg saying “I can’t hide from pipefitting”. Now that all the thru hulls are installed and (hopefully) set, the valves and fittings need to be installed. In comes Gregory Evans the Pipefitter. What a stud.

I spent my morning on the phone with Taiwan getting our wifi booster operational. After four phone calls and three teamviewer session with their tech support, Alfa Networks finally had their little plastic box working. I should have taken all the user reviews seriously when they said the booster works great, but it’s a real c word to set up. Nonetheless we now have internet on the boat!

Bottom paint is scheduled to roll on tomorrow, which means, we have to get the bottom boot stripe on. We want the bottom paint to slightly overlap the stripe to create a good seal. As I’ve mentioned, the boot stripes are vinyl stickers. The bottom one is a 4 inch stripe of navy blue and a true test to mine and Greg’s relationship.

We started off with a clean, dry surface trying to match the new stripe to the existing bottom paint line. After failing three times to get past the first 2 feet successfully, and on the verge of a full-blown domestic we were thankfully saved. One of the good guys from Bald Island Ferries (also in the yard doing work) came over to offer his experienced advice. Simply spray some soapy water on the boat before applying the stripe. Pfeww! This allowed us to align the stripe, then have some shimmy room to straighten it out and work out the bubbles.

After we mastered the technique we were flying. We’ll be old pros by the time we get all three stripes on.

(also pictured below: Greg using his favourite Harbour Freight find to remove the adhesive left from the old stripes. Our test patch of the new stripes. Way to excited for these)






2014-01-09 13.56.52






  1. delma evans · · Reply

    All I can say is OMG and good for you guys for getting it all together—it warms my heart to see how you are putting it all together–this will only add to your relationship and history–PLEASE keep it up!!! Loved the pics!!

  2. Truly amazing – all the work and what you are accomplishing! I think some of that attitude may come from endurance training back in the cross-country days, and that Greg is really a “get r’done” guy! Also amazing how one small tip and some new knowledge can make a challenging job so much easier. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work!

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