Cold Snap

(Wilmington, NC)

Today was all about staying warm!! I know I’m not going to receive many sympathies from all our family and friends back home who are enduring -40C these days, but I’m going to lament anyways.

North Carolina experienced record lows today. A fierce cold snap across America brought the coldest weather the area has seen in decades. Lucky us, we were here to experience it. This morning started at a balmy -8C and me scrambling to put on every article of clothing in reach. Ya -8C may not sound that cold to Canada right now, but on an uninsulated boat up on the hard it freeeeeeezing. We reached a high of -1C for the day and back down to -6C for the evening.

Our two little space heaters weren’t coming close to warming up the boat so our heating options expanded.




One comment

  1. delma evans · · Reply

    Sorry you guys are experiencing the cold,try and stay warm and be safe!!! The pic of the open gas is a little scary!!!! Take care!! Love mom and delma

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