JTT and a Mail Addiction

(Wilmington, NC)

Laying in bed last night I couldn’t help but think of the TV  show Home Improvements. Yup, the great 90’s series with Tim Allen, the wise neighbour Wilson, and the big boob-ed tool assistant Heidi. I’ll always remember the one episode where Tim builds the middle brother, Randy, a bedroom in the basement. After winning a sibling fight over who gets the coveted basement room Randy ends up sleeping in the living room because he is afraid of all the foreign sounds. Dad finds out and explains what common household function each sound belongs to and then all is well in the Home Improvement world again.

Why do I remember this so well? Because of JTT obviously. Randy was played by Jonathon Taylor Thomas, and what young girl in the 90’s didn’t have a huge crush on JTT?!

Why am I rambling away about this? Boat life is jack-packed full of foreign sounds. It could be the port or starboard bilge pumps going off (I swear they both have their own personalized sounds), most recently because Greg disconnected the hoses to access the thru-hulls. Or maybe it’s the refrigerator, the water pump, the icemaker, or the running rigging. Last night (while dreaming of JTT) the main halyard was making a serious effort of being the loudest component of the boat. With wind warnings of 45 knots whipping through that rope can make quite a racket slapping against the mast.

Today brought many a presents from the mailman. We got all our Groco thru hull fittings, our sunbrella material from Sailrite, odds and ends from Amazon, and most exciting, the new boot stripes and name decal! Looking at all of these boxes though begs to question, do we (I really mean Greg) have a online ordering problem?

photo 1

photo 2


  1. Great Job Kaycee–for me to get on and get it—well done girl–I think it is going to be great–good for you!!!

  2. Frankie · · Reply

    Great blogging Kaycee! Who can’t relate to JTT. The boat terms are meaningless to me, but I enjoy reading this all the same. Keep em coming!

  3. Well done on the blogging! Keep up the good work (on the boat too!)
    Good pictures! Entertaining! I loved the “HOme Improvement” story. Have you been watching reruns, you remember alot of detail, or did you really have that big of a crush on Randy??
    Educational for the flat lander family and friends!
    Enough for now….This is starting to sound like a Teacher assessment!

  4. Sarah "Stu" G Schmidt · · Reply

    For me I wasn’t into JTT. But Becky sure was. As for the online shopping, you know I encourage.

    Goo don you for the blog. As you said there’s many of us curious about your adventures.

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