Not Your Usual Christmas Visitor

(Wilmington, NC)

The usual gig is big jolly guy with a white beard and a red hat right? Well our visitor forgot his hat.

We were sitting at the table tonight when I looked out the glass doors to a raccoon ever so cooly walking his way into the cockpit. He just stood there all nonchalant starring at me as I tried to get words to come out of my mouth to notify Greg.

After a bit of fuss and a couple terrible photos snapped by me, it came down to stand off between Greg and the raccoon at the bow of the boat. Greg, with a sail batten in hand, and the raccoon, with nowhere to go. Finally the raccoon made a leap of faith to the closest dock and landed with zero grace and a loud thud.

The raccoon raced off to hide and Greg was left feeling bad for the little invader. The end.

(Did I mention Jerry and Rae sent us home with a heap of delicious leftovers? Hello Christmas grub!)





  1. I love your little Christmas tree and how you decorated it!!

    1. Thanks Delma! It was a nice to decorate a tree, even if it was just the bonsai.

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