Up and Up

(Wilmington, NC)

Hoisting Greg up the mast is no easy feat. 60 feet of winch handle turns and it was evident I’m going to have to work on my upper body strength if I’m going to be a sailor. Greg, the king of chin ups, was more than helpful, but in the end I was in control. Which is why I think Greg was so competitive about the ginger bread houses later…

Greg went up the mast today, mostly because he received his new harness in the mail and finally had the opportunity, but also, because there was work to be done. As there always is.

First he had to retrieve our burnt out mooring and steaming lights so we could order new ones. Then on the way back down he cleaned the track. There’s a track that runs all the way up the mast which the main sail cars travel in. We’ve taken all the cars off and have ordered new ball bearings to repack them. The previous owner had greased the track with regular ball bearing grease instead of dry silicon lubricant. The problem with that is the grease attracts all sorts of dirt and grime, and makes a real mess of the track. Which in turn, is really hard on the cars and makes running them up and down the track difficult.

Close to two hours after going up the mast the track was clean and Greg was back on the ground with no feeling in his feet.

With no snow around I’m in complete denial that Christmas is upon us. In an attempt to bolster the feeling of the season on the boat, and because I’ve never done it before, we built gingerbread houses tonight. (It was also just a really good excuse to eat copious amount of candy. Which we did.) The finished products are pictured below. Greg is insistent that mine is a complete failure of artistic ability. While I think, he isn’t appreciating the detailed work that I did because it obviously trumps his cookie-cutter-just-like-the-picture-on-the-friggin-box attempt. But that’s just me. (ha!)



2013-12-23 10.37.01

2013-12-23 10.38.26







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