Lifelines and Beyonce

(Wilmington, NC)

Lifelines are essentially the railing around the deck of the boat. They create a safety perimeter, and also act as a good clothes line.

The lifelines on Oceanna came with a white vinyl covering. Greg deemed this covering unwarranted so off it came. Give a girl a heat gun, a retractable knife, and Beyonce’s new album on repeat and that covering will be gone! Good call too, because it seemed all the covering was doing was holding in the moisture and causing rusting on the lines.

We’d put the deck cleaning at the bottom of the to-do list. It was grimy when we got her, and we figured it was only going to get worse as we got to work on everything else. Today was the day Greg couldn’t stand it any longer. Time to take a layer off. Give a boy a pressure washer and Beyonce on repeat (ha), and look what he can do! She’s going to shine up like a real dream.





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