“Food On Your Family”

(Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas)

Today was our last day in the Bahamas (for now) and we spent it, you guessed it, on the water. After breakfast we loaded up the dinghy with all the diving and spearing gear – only pole spears though, spear guns are illegal in the Bahamas.

Out on the outer reefs the day was spent snorkeling, diving, spearing, and sunbathing. Logan and Greg regularly surfaced with a spiny lobster in their grasp. And more regularly came up with colourful words on the one that got away. Logan added a fish to the mix, while Greg hacky-sacked a crab to the surface on his spear – which resulted in a full-time job for me and Caroline keeping the rowdy “catch” bucket in order.

We feasted like kings and slept like babies on our last night aboard Gemini.

Thank you so much for everything Logan and Caroline!













  1. […] In December our friends Logan and Caroline invited us to come to the Bahamas on their boat Gemini. You can read about the invite in Catching Up. Our four days offshore are posted in Life at 30 Degrees. And our time in the Bahamas is chronicled in Land Ho!, The Business Side of Cruising, “Food On Your Family”. […]

  2. Thanks Kaycee for getting us caught up with the Bahama pics and notes–loved it all and can see why you guys enjoyed it so much!!!!

  3. Mary Gardner · · Reply

    O.M.G.! !!!!
    I am so jealous!
    I cannot believe the size of that crab!!!
    And the lobster!!!
    Keep on fishing,sailing and having a blast!
    Love, Mary

    1. Greg says we’ll keep slaying the fish for you Mary. He says that’s 50% of why we’re on this adventure. The other 50% being surfing.
      I’m not sure where the sailing fits in? Ha.

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