Land Ho!

(No Name Cay, Abacos, Bahamas)

We made landfall around noon in the outer Abacos Islands. After entering the inlet, we sailed up a bit and dropped anchor near No Name Cay. Since it was Sunday, we threw up the quarantine flag and set clearing customs for tomorrow. Right now, a celebratory beer was in order.

Next the dinghy was dropped in the water and we made the short dinghy ride ashore. No Name Cay is a small uninhabited island. Uninhabited except for a growing family of pigs. While we were ashore a tour boat came by with a boat load of people, snapped a couple of photos and left. Caroline told me they have a weekly (or maybe it was monthly?) pig roast on one of the neighbouring islands, so I’m thinking these piggies are earning their keep through photo opts until they’re up for the spit.

If anything, they made Greg’s day. The photos below are only a small sampling of the collection Greg amassed. Greg was getting quite comfortable with the pigs, getting ever closer, until he got a good look and the size of the master daddy’s tusks and gonads.
















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