Catching Up

(Wilmington, NC)

15 days. 15 days that I didn’t write about while they were happening, and since I find it hard enough to get down the details of yesterday I certainly can’t break apart the details of 15 days. So here are the highlights:

November 24 – Saskatchewan Roughriders win the 101st Grey Cup!!!!! Ya they did!

November 26 – Mr Gregory Evans’ day of birth! Happy Birthday Baby.

November 27 – Caroline and Logan invite us to sail with them on their boat Gemini to the Bahamas!!!

This last one may be the cream of the crop. What an opportunity. Logan is estimating 3 days offshore, a great chance for us to get some true sailing experience, and then stay with them in the Bahamas for a couple of days to soak up some sun and cruising knowledge. How could anyone in their right mind say no to that?!

We’re going to the Bahamas!!













  1. Jocelyn · · Reply

    Oh man, I love the Yota shot!!

  2. […] Caroline invited us to come to the Bahamas on their boat Gemini. You can read about the invite in Catching Up. Our four days offshore are posted in Life at 30 Degrees. And our time in the Bahamas is […]

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