Let the Scrubbing Begin

(Wilmington, NC)

Oceanna is a Lagoon 410, Owner’s Version. The owner’s version bit means she has three berths (bedrooms). The port side pontoon has a berth both forward and aft, with a head (bathroom) in between. While the starboard pontoon is set up to be the owner’s side. It has a single berth in the back with a full washroom towards the front.

We’ve elected to start work (read: cleaning) on the port side of the boat first. We want to start living onboard as soon as possible and since each of the aft berths have Yanmar engines underneath of them, we’ll be sleeping in the forward cabin for a while.

Speaking of the engines, today Greg fired them up. No problem there, but after letting them run for a while the trouble came when he went to turn the starboard engine off. From what I got the electric kill switch at the captain’s seat didn’t work, and then the mechanical kill switch at the engine wouldn’t work either. A little trouble shooting and Greg eventually got the engine to turn off.

Meanwhile, I was cleaning the musty foam bed mattresses and couch cushions. We had prime fort building materials when we had to bring everything back in for the night.

The rest of the day was filled with tinkering with the port bilge pump, investigating the solenoid switch for the propane, and trip to town. We got excited and overwhelmed in West Marine, and Greg basically skipped around Harbour Freight Tools as he realized he had finally located the Princess Auto of the States. Oh joy.









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