Oceanna Sighting

(Wilmington, North Carolina – Wilmington Marine Center, Boler)

I feel like we’ve had a lot of big days on this trip already but today is yet another big day. Today is the day we finally set eyes on Oceanna. We finally made it.

At first glance we were overjoyed. After months of looking at the same pictures over and over again she was right there. But I’m not going to lie, after we started to look around, overjoyed quickly turned to overwhelmed. What had we gotten ourselves into?

Months of sitting closed up had allowed the mildew to take over. Walking into the boat was like walking into a summer cabin that had been locked up for 3 seasons. The smell was strong, and the black mildew was everywhere.

We went up to meet the owner and dockmaster of the marina, Skip and Mic. We also met the boat yard manager, Tim. It was here that our luck changed for the better, we met Logan and Caroline.

Logan and Caroline are young (like us), friendly, and a wealth of knowledge. They have years of sailing and captain experience, own a sailing school in New York, and are a couple of the sweetest people to boot. We couldn’t have met better people. They currently had their sailboat in the yard getting some bottom work done.

After chatting a bit we invited them down to the boat. Greg and Logan began flying through the parts and systems, running from electrical panel to deck locker and back again. It was a bit like watching a couple of kids on Christmas morning. While Caroline reassured me that the mildew and smell could be beat. By the time they left we were breathing easier, and were a bit more confident in this whole boat life we had gotten ourselves into.






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