Toyota for Life

(Cross Lanes, West Virginia – Holiday Inn)

Good morning Insterstate 35. Turns out this is real life.

We woke up to a Ohio State Trooper knocking on the door. He had obviously been filled in on our situation and just wanted to make sure we were doing alright.

We spent the next couple hours surveying the damage, sorting our scattered belongings, and generally just wrapping our heads around the situation.

All I can say next is… TOYOTA FOR LIFE!

Greg jumped in the Yota to check if it would run. And run it did. It hummed to life as if nothing had happened. Were we really going to drive away from this? A couple of test drives down the ditch, a sawzall to the unnecessaries, a tape job for a passenger window, and some choice ratchet straps to hold the hood and canopy in place – and we were on the road to town!

I couldn’t fricking believe it.

After a bit of a miscommunication and a turn around by our friendly State Trooper, we had hooked the Boler back to the Yota and headed into Chillicothe with our own police escort . The bad news was that the Yota had started to leak a considerable amount of coolant. Our initial jubilation that we were back on the road was quickly waning.

Next we’d like to thank the manufacturer’s of K-Stop, a head gasket radiator leak sealant. A bottle of that stuff and our leak was magically gone. We’d also like thank Auto Zone for letting us fill up our jerry cans of water for back up.

We limped back out onto the Interstate, determined to make it to North Carolina. The Yota was now running like a top, but our true soldier the Boler was beginning to drag, literally. The bent hitch that we had just bent back to straight for temporary purposes, was starting to sag.

Next stop, the hardware store. We purchased a couple of long pieces of angle iron and essentially installed  splints on either side of the hitch to bring it back up to straight. Another problem solved by the handy and handsome Greg Evans, and we were back on the road.

After everything we had been through in the last 15 hours, nothing seemed liked a better idea than somewhere warm to lie our heads for the night. We were more than happy to use my Holiday Inn points to book a room, free of charge, for the evening. It was the friendly front desk clerk who filled us in on the local knowledge of Ohio corn deer. Upon hearing our story she totally sympathised with our luck, as Ohio is known for big deer who feast on the state’s corn fields. Awesome.








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