(Moosomin, SK)

Our last Canadian stop. My hometown of Moosomin, Saskatchewan. Time to put my vehicle and the cargo trailer in storage at the farm. Thanks to my brother Kyran for clearing a corner of the shop for our stuff. Although I’m convinced Bea will be relegated to a snow bank before long.

Kyran was actually out of town so when we went out to the farm and a tractor had to be moved, Greg, the BC boy, was overjoyed at the opportunity.

More perks of visiting home – running the bales like I was a kid again, and the outfits that can only be found in my mother’s closets!

2013-11-07 12.34.50




2013-11-07 13.38.50


  1. Love my furry hat! It keeps me warm and dry on windy and SNOWY days like TODAY at the farm!!

  2. Sarah "Stu" G Schmidt · · Reply

    Should that hat ever go missing, it wasn’t me…

    1. I shall put it on the grab list…

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