Delayed Trifecta

(Calgary, AB)

Today we were headed east. Greg and I have this problem where we both plan our own independent time frames, don’t share them with each other, and they are always completely different. Today was one of those days. We were headed to stay at Sarah and Adam’s in Calgary, and to complete the trifecta Melissa was in town visiting. These two girls may mock me incessantly about my tiny hands, but I would have it no other way. They complete me. So when we had the chance to all be in the same place I wanted to be there.

But alas packing has proven to be a truly underestimated time consumer for Greg and me. Sometime after lunch we hit the road. Just in time to drive in the first blizzard of the season from Kelowna to Calgary. We trucked through and finally arrived at Sarah’s with time catch up with the girls.


2013-11-02 13.57.19

2013-11-02 18.16.02

2013-11-02 18.16.30


  1. I like how you always stop to take pictures – more pictures than your mother, I think!

    1. I can take no credit. It’s Greg forethought that gets the good shots.

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