Garage Work

(Kelowna, BC)

Today Greg and his Dad got right to working on the Yota.

Greg came to Kelowna with a list of tasks to tackle. Fix the lights on the Boler, clean and wax the Yota, and custom fit the canopy to match the Yota. This last part is where Doug’s fibreglassing expertise came in real handy.  Although the steal-of-a-deal canopy seemed to fit at first, it really did not. The front of the canopy was angled, and the back window truck is at a right angle causing a gap where the bottom of the canopy lined up with the box of the truck. After careful consideration they decided to cut out an oblong portion of the front of the canopy and fill it back in flat with fibre glass.

While the gentleman where all sorts of productive in the garage, I was banging my head against the table setting up this very blog. I wish I had more to report I did. I do not.

Tonight we headed up to Greg’s brother Stephen and sister-in-law Nicole’s for supper. Delma and I enjoyed a beautiful walk up to Crawford Heights where they live. I’m sure my flat-land Saskatchewan upbringing has something to do with it, but I sure am jealous with the “back yard” Greg had to grow up in. Kelowna is a beautiful place.

2013-10-30 11.36.26

2013-10-30 22.53.37

2013-10-30 13.00.20


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